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    Technology + Data for quality modern farming.

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  • RealTime


    Cloud connected sensor device to measure soil and farm characteristics.

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    Timely and Tailored recommendations delivered Via SMS.

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Data in your hands

We use mobile phones as tools to transform farmers from a traditional to a mordern knowledge based agricultural community

BigData for small holder farmers

Making Big data actionable for small holder agriculture by delivering key farming trends in the sector and farm specific insights for better service deliverly

Smart farming Decisions

We monitor soil quality and farm location to provide tailored recommendations for smart farmer decisions. Our timely advice helps farmers make better decisions and maximize farm production.

Agricultural data consultancy

With our comprehensive database, we utilize machine learnig technology and data analytics to provide information to various sector players


We use soil sensors to determine soil qualities, GPS for farm location and weather conditions. This data helps us provide precise and accurate recommendations to farmers


With a simple subscription based SMS, farmers can ask and get realtime support whenever, wherever. We walk with the farmer through the production process.

Sensors + BigData For precision farming

We know that timely and accurate information on fertilizers, seeds, weather, crop management and markets, is the turning point of rural agricultural production. Rural smallholders account for over 70% of the food produced in Africa. With the expected population increase of over 2 billion by 2050, world population will be in great food demand. Small holder Farmers are at the centre stage to bringing the new agricultural revolution in africa. We know that this revolution has to start with data.

That is why we are taking lead in transforming the small holder farmers into a knowledge based community connected and powered by precise information from our technologies. We make Big data actionable and Useable for small holder farmers.

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