What is Precision Farming?

What is precision farming?

Precision agriculture is an approach to farm management that uses information technology to ensure that the crops and soil receive exactly what they need for optimum health and productivity. The goal is to ensure profitability, sustainability and protection of the environment. The approach is also known as site-specific crop management.

Why is Precision farming important?

Profitable farming is knowledge driven and every stage of the farming cycle demands specific and informed decisions. For example a farmer planning to cultivate tomatoes will need information on the suitable seed variety available in the market, the fertilizers and other agro-chemicals you need e.g. herbicides, knowing the water requirements of your crop and how to best manage the crop until harvest. These decisions for long have been done based on traditional knowledge when most factors were predictable. Unfortunately, these farming conditions have changed over time. Aspects such as soil fertility and pH, and shifting weather patterns have resulted in more variables which have to be considered in order to be sure of a good harvest.

What does Precision Farming involve?

Precision farming will involve doing a proper soil test, analysing the potential nematodes, pests and diseases in your farm, determine the water capacity of the soil and even determine the geographical/locational aspects of your farm. This kind of analysis can be done using UjuziKilimo technological tools to provide accurate information on the best 

suited or adapted seed variety, specific amount of fertilizers you need, the amount of water for irrigation and how to plan your farm to greatly help you in optimally benefiting from the crop season. Similarly, if your farm has an imbalanced soil pH or soil nutrients, you are able to compensate exactly what is lacking to ensure that your crops grow optimally. By studying these factors and using precision agriculture, a farmer is able to produce more food at a fraction of the cost. Farmers also conserve soil for sustainable food production. Precision agricultural results in a stable food supply, which results in a strong community and higher returns for the farmer.

How do UjuziKilimo Help farmers practice precision farming?

UjuziKilimo’s precision farming solution uses specialized equipment, software and innovative services. The process begins by the farmer contacting UjuziKilimo by sending a request SMS to 20880 starting with the word “UJUZI”. This SMS is free. Our trained officers will provide on-site analysis services on your farm using our Ujuzi Kits without the need to carry samples. Processes include accessing real-time data about the conditions of the crops, soil and ambient air, along with other relevant information such as hyper-local weather predictions and labor costs and availability. Our predictive analytics software provides yields guidance from that data via SMS. UjuziKilimo provides these useful farm specific insights tailored to your farm with actionable advice on the types and quantities of fertilizers, recommended seed varieties and how to manage your crop properly for a bumper harvest. We provide potential markets for your produce. We walk with the farmer from planting to market.

UjuziKilimo has partnered with organizations such as Farmers Pride Africa to ensure that you get affordable certified farm inputs at the convenience of your farm. Farming has just become awesome. We wish you productive farming and look forward to helping you become a better farmer!!


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