About Us

Our Story

A Short Story on How UjuziKilimo Came To Be

Born and raised in Western Kenya, UjuziKilimo founders experienced first hand the challenges facing small holder farmers, who are the majority all across the developing world. The dream of the founders was to empower every farmer and stakeholder to make fast, informed and data driven decisions on the go. Our Mission is to enable data driven decisions for the world's small holder farmers by collecting and making sense of agricultural data.



Voracious Curiosity

No playbook exists for some of the problems we are solving. Every day, we are required to find answers to questions that have never been asked before. To make meaningful progress, We love to ask “why?,”. 

Constant Innovation

We never settle. We keep seeking for answers and solutions to problems that we are passionate about, with the goal of empowering the worlds' small holder farmers. 


We believe in consistency in every detail and action. This is what makes us pursue excellency in innovation at every point of our Journey. 

Fast-Paced, Detail- Oriented

We believe it is possible to move quickly and care about the details. It’s just harder to do. We balance innovation with being compulsively scrupulous when building solutions for our users and customers. 


Farmers Voices