UjuziKilimo launches in Nyeri County

Over the months of July/August, UjuziKilimo team has taken initiative to bring its technology to farmers in Nyeri County. The bundle which involves access to farm specific advisory, access to pest and disease information, hyper-local weather updates and soil testing services, the farmers are set to benefit from a unique combination of tailored insights that shall make them smarter and better decision makers.

The focus of the company has been to put farmers at the center of its innovation by having farmers as co-creators of its technology. The Nyeri farmers are set to benefit not only from the trickle down knowledge from UjuziKilimo but also the intelligence gathered from the data collected by UjuziKilimo in the region. We want to tap into the local experiences and knowledge of the farmers and make it available through our platform to ensure farmers become a powerful knowledge driven community.

UjuziKilimo recruited a passionate team of twelve drawn from the local community to serve as the UjuziKilimo agents and promote its services in the region. Over 60% of the employed agents were women, and this shows the power of women in driving technology adoption among the farmer communities. In Kenya, over 80% of the labor in the farms is provided by women, the more reason why we appreciate seeing them actively involved as early adopters and drivers our technologies.

Besides creating employment for the agents, the new service model ensures that the farmers benefit from the Agent’s local expertise and at the same time have access to continuous practical skills acquired through local UjuziKilimo brand ambassadors. We hope to work with local partners including agro –input stores to bring more value to farmers.

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