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UjuziKilimo provides real time soil testing services and pricise, actionable and easy-to-understand information to farmers based on their soil quality.

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About UjuziKilimo

UjuziKilimo is a soil analytics company that provides real-time soil testing services to farmers. We provide precise, actionable and easy-to-understand information based on soil quality on the best crop varieties, fertilizers and inputs to use.

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Real Time Soil Analysis

Our electronic soil testing device provides accurate real time soil test results delivered to your phone. You no longer need to carry soil samples to the labs.

Farming Information

We provide farming recommendations, based on the soil quality, to farmers on crop varieties, farm-inputs and where to find them, market information and best farming practices.

Data Analytics

We provide accurate data to key Agricultural stakeholders and governments to help them plan and prioritize agricultural investments.

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