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Sensor-based soil testing gives real-time results

When farmers met earlier this year for Innovation Week at the University of Nairobi, most of them gathered around a stand where Dennis Rapong’o, an attendant, demonstrated how to use Ujuzi kit, a sensor-based soil testing system.

Rapong’o held a yellow instrument the size and make of a tablet in his hand that had a chord he inserted into the ground to demonstrate to...

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FEATURE-Young Africans chart new path for agriculture as climate heats up

Another African AgTech startup that feeds farmers with interactive SMS advice, best practices, and detailed agricultural action plans is UjuziKilimo, which was founded in Nairobi in 2015, with an undisclosed amount of funding. In case you were curious, in Swahili, Ujuzi (pronounced: oo-joo-zee) means knowledge or experience. The database provides weather updates and...

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