UjuziKilimo Partners with Farmers Pride Africa
Credit: UjuziKilimo. ( UjuziKilimo CEO & Farmes Pride Founder )

Farmers Pride and UjuziKilimo officiated a partnership to provide access to better knowledge, precision and Quality inputs to farmers starting 2017. The partnership will ensure farmers get access to soil testing services and access to actionable advice in a model that leverages on sensors and mobile technology to ensure fast service delivery, continuous agronomic support for the farmers through the production cycle and access to quality inputs.

Farmers Pride Africa utilizes an innovative franchise model for agro-input distributors. The model is the first of its kind in Kenya, in a market where the agro-dealers are highly unregulated, creating huge gaps in ensuring access to quality and certified inputs to farmers, especially those in rural areas. The majority of farmers rely on agro dealers for access to farm inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, veterinary drugs, animal feeds, mineral supplements and farm machinery. However, most agro dealers who occupy this critical space in the agricultural value chain are limited in their capacity to address the needs and demands of the farmers that depend on them. The limited capacity of agro dealers blocks the potential of success for the vast majority of smallholder farmers who rely on them.

Farmers Pride was established to provide smallholder farmers with timely and relevant quality Farm inputs at affordable prices through a comprehensive and innovative franchise model of agro dealers. The business model integrates marketing interventions; agricultural inputs franchising, market linkages, financial services and farmer insurance services to offer a reinforced platform for rural social and economic development.

UjuziKilimo is a technology driven agronomy Services Company that uses innovative solutions to provide access to precision farming knowledge to farmers. One of the most important aspects of good produce is soil analysis to ensure farmers know the necessary inputs, fertilizers, seeds they need at the planting season. These services have been inaccessible for the rural farmers, leaving them to rely on traditional knowledge in farming and decision making. UjuziKilimo leverages on its sensor technology and mobile technology to provide soil analysis services, actionable farming information and continuous agronomic support for the farmers, essentially walking with the farmers through the production cycle.

The partnership with farmers pride will not only ensure farmers access quality inputs but also access a pool of knowledge and timely information to make them smarter, resilient to weather challenges and ultimately become profitable farmers.

Credit: UjuziKilimo.( UjuziKilimo and Farmers Pride Africa team )

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