Field agents training

On 21st and 22nd march, Farmers Pride Africa, Kenya Markets Trust, Mavuno fertilizers and UjuziKilimo came together to provide training to 10 field agents. The aim of the training was to provide hands on knowledge on the importance of crop specific and soil specific fertilizer use. This is aimed at enhancing sustainable fertiliser use among the small scale farmers, majority of who lack knowledge on fertiliser application and sustainable soil management.

Most of the soils in Kenya have become more acidic and hence unproductive due to irresponsible fertiliser use, lack of knowledge among smallholder farmers on liming and matching soil nutrient needs and crop needs in the fertiliser application process. The result of this has been the ever reducing harvest from the farms, contributing further to the food insecurity challenge that we face in the country today.

Mavuno fertilizer experts offered training on their new innovative blended fertiliser technology that has been tailored to suit the Kenyan soils. Mavuno products are crop specific and soil specific hence ensuring not only guaranteed 30% increased yield but also sustainable and progressive soil regeneration and conservation. The team also offered training on the importance of liming and managing soil acidity.

UjuziKilimo offered comprehensive training on soil testing as the sure way of understanding the soil status, soil needs and getting the best recommendations on how to manage and remedy the soils. Majority of small holder farmers in Kenya lack access to soil testing services hence unable to make informed decisions on fertilizer, lime use and even seed selection. UjuziKilimo’s technology enables farmers to receive real-time soil testing and access to an SMS service through which farmers get farm specific, crop specific and soil specific advice, access to weather and market information.

Farmers Pride Africa took the agents through the best practices on sales, customer service and creating long-term and valuable relationships with farmers. Farmers pride through their innovative franchise model for the agro dealers will provide easy access to inputs by rural farmers, majority of who face challenges of getting quality inputs for their farms. With the help from Kenya markets trust, the initiative aims at increasing smallholder farmer productivity through access to quality inputs, access to knowledge and also help farmer focused enterprises build capacity for a sustainable business. The initiative will cover 12 counties in Kenya.

If you wish to get more agronomic advise, do a soil analysis or farm assesment for crop suitability, Contact UjuziKilimo by calling us on +25420 2611 248 or send your enquiry to 20880 starting with the word "UJUZI". We wish you productive farming and we look forward to helping you become a better farmer!!

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